New Series of Videos which Explain the Planning Application Process Launched

The Office of the Planning Regulator, (OPR) has launched a new series of videos and flowcharts aimed at helping people navigate their way through the planning application process.

The videos and flowcharts explain the three steps involved in securing planning permission in Ireland in a clear, informative and engaging manner and will help guide you through the planning application process with confidence.

The Planning Regulator, Niall Cussen said:

“Making an application for planning permission can appear daunting for the citizen who may be unfamiliar with the different processes and procedures and the OPR is there to provide easy-to-understand and free public information on planning.

With that in mind, these videos and flowcharts clearly explain the main steps involved in making a planning application and are a great resource if you are thinking about applying for planning permission.

After watching these videos, we hope you will be able to approach your planning application with confidence and equipped with the knowledge to help you better understand the different aspects of this important process whether you are making an application yourself or engaging a professional to do so on your behalf.

Enhancing the public’s understanding of the planning process is a key function of the OPR. These videos and flowcharts are an important contribution to this process and will be a great practical resource.”