Public Awareness

The Planning Process

Planning is primarily concerned with places, both urban and rural, and how they develop over time to meet the changing needs of our society, economy and environment. Planning legislation in Ireland seeks to ensure the proper planning and sustainable development of an area. You can find information in the tiles included hereunder on the three key stages in the planning application process. These tiles contain animated explainer videos, indexes of planning authority online resources, flowcharts and links to relevant planning leaflets to assist you in navigating your way through the three key stages of the planning application process. The video below gives you an overview of these stages and acts as an introduction to the more detailed videos that follow in the individual webpages below.

Please note that the information contained within this webpage relates specifically to a standard application for planning permission. For more complex applications we recommend that you seek advice from your local planning authority. Your local planning authority is the city or county council with responsibility for making decisions on planning applications for the area where your site is located. 

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Pre-application Consultation
Preparing and Submitting a Planning Application
Planning Decisions and Appeals