OPR continues series of online planning training webinars for local authority elected members

The Office of the Planning Regulator (OPR) in conjunction with the Association of Irish Local Government (AILG) will continue with its series of online planning training webinars for local authority elected members on Friday, 23rd October from 10am-11:30 am.

October’s webinar is entitled “Consideration and Finalisation of the Draft Development Plan” and will cover two principle topics:

  • Assessment of Submissions (following public consultation including the OPR submission and other statutory consultees submissions)
  • Making the Plan (including any modifications, material amendments and dealing with Ministerial Directions).

The first presentation will address issues including how to weigh up the different submissions, the OPR’s observations or recommendations, the role of other agencies, Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA) aspects, notices of motion, material alterations, etc.

The second presentation will cover the final decision stage, with a significant focus on the safeguards around robust adoption procedures, including SEA/AA obligations, final tidying up of decisions on any material alterations, what happens if OPR recommendations are not addressed and the procedure from there if the OPR invokes its power to recommend directions. This presentation will also consider the obligations around monitoring implementation of the plan, including the SEA aspects.

The presentations will be delivered by the Planning Regulator, Niall Cussen and the Deputy Planning Regulator, Anne Marie O’Connor.

To attend, please register by emailing info@ailg.ie. Early registration is recommended.

This is the fifth planning training event organised by the AILG and the OPR. Events were previously held in Dundalk and Limerick in October 2019, Cavan and Waterford in February 2020 and online training webinars were hosted in July and September 2020.

Presentations delivered at these events are available at www.opr.ie/elected-members-training/