Expansion of the OPR’s Online Planning Library Service

The Office of the Planning Regulator (OPR), has further developed its online planning library facility with the recent publication of a new technical glossary.  

The new glossary, along with the previously published acronym list are useful technical aids when reading through material on the OPR’s online planning library. The glossary serves as an accompaniment to the acronym list.

The aim of the glossary is to provide an introductory guide to planning terminology and related issues. The glossary contains everyday phrases and key terms used in planning and planning related fields.

The glossary is currently divided into four key themes: planning and governance, environment and climate, architecture and built heritage and engineering and specialised terminology. The key themes are then further divided into specialised topics and terminologies such as: flood risk, renewable energy, built heritage and building regulations.

The inclusion of hyperlinks within the glossary to external websites, referenced documents within the planning library collection and the acronym list focuses on the ease of use of the online resource and the transparency of digestible planning information.

The glossary is structured so that it is easy to use for all disciplines, not solely catering to planners or people involved in planning. The online resource can be found at: https://www.opr.ie/technical-glossary/.