The OPR hosts the third meeting of the National Planning Knowledge Group

The third meeting of the National Planning Knowledge Group (NPKG) was held on 22nd July 2020.

The meeting focussed largely on two items; the OPR’s Planning Research Framework and the OPR’s Strategic Planning Research Programme.

Planning Research Framework

The Research Framework is intended to be the roadmap for advancing the OPR’s research goal. This goal has been defined in the OPR Strategy Statement as “driving innovation and learning for all those that are stakeholders in the planning process.” The framework is intended to guide the design and delivery of the OPR’s strategic planning research programme for the next two years.

Strategic Planning Research Programme

The Research Programme outlines how the OPR intends to address the knowledge gaps that have been identified in existing research. It is a two year programme. The intention is that the programme will be reviewed annually by the OPR.  The programme is intended to address pressing planning issues that require immediate attention as well as dealing with emerging topics that require medium to long-term thinking and research.

OPR staff delivered detailed presentations on both the framework and programme which was followed by a lengthy discussion incorporating suggestions and feedback. All input from the Group will now be incorporated in the final framework and programme which will guide the delivery of the OPR’s research goal.

About the NPKG

The purpose of the NPKG is to act as an advisory committee for the OPR in meeting the OPR’s statutory mandate in relation to education, research and training functions. The NPKG includes representation from the Higher Education Institutions (HEI), non-governmental organisations (NGOs), planning institutes, government organisations, departments and representatives from planning authorities.