Planning Leaflet Series Updated

The OPR recently undertook a review of the online planning information leaflets in conjunction with the Department of Housing, Local Government and Heritage, the National Monuments Service, the Housing Agency and An Bord Pleanála.

The leaflets which contain practical, accessible information on how the planning system works have been revised and updated to reflect the latest changes in planning legislation and policy.

Published in January 2021, the leaflets have been extremely popular. Large numbers have used them to access practical advice on planning related topics, learn about different aspects of the planning system and to find out how best to engage with it.

The Planning Regulator, Niall Cussen, said:

“Ireland’s planning process evolves constantly with updated legal and policy requirements. Therefore, the OPR’s planning leaflets must keep pace with regular updates to ensure the public retains access to free, easy to understand and current information on all aspects of the planning process”

The updated leaflets, contain new information on topics including:

  • Planning permission exemptions for rooftop solar panels and the new solar safeguarding zones;
  • Planning requirements relating to short-term letting of your home;
  • Changes to legislation relating to planning applications for large scale residential development where the Strategic Housing Development (SHD) process was replaced with new arrangements for ‘Large-scale Residential Developments (LRD);
  • Changes to legislation relating to applications for extension of duration of a planning permission;
  • Publication of new statutory planning guidelines by the Department of Housing, Local Government and Heritage relating to Strategic Environmental Assessment;
  • The requirement to include additional content in an Environmental Impact Assessment Report (EIAR) as a result of legislative changes to the European Directive;
  • The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)’s updated Code of Practice for Domestic Waste Water Treatment Systems; and
  • Further information about how local authorities process complaints about alleged unauthorised developments.

The 15 planning leaflets are listed hereunder and you can read them HERE

  • Introducing the Planning System
  • A Guide to the Development Plan
  • A Guide to Planning Permission
  • A Guide to Making a Planning Application
  • A Guide to Making a Planning Appeal
  • A Guide to Planning Enforcement in Ireland
  • A Guide to Applying for Planning Permission to Build a House
  • A Guide to Doing Work Around the House
  • Agricultural and Farm Development-The Planning Issues
  • A Guide to Planning for the Business Person
  • Environmental Assessments and Planning in Ireland
  • A Guide to Architectural Heritage
  • Archaeology in the Planning Process
  • Strategic Infrastructure Development
  • A Guide to Taking in Charge of Completed Residential Developments