OPR Makes Submissions on Local Area Plans

Following the completion of their county development plans, many local authorities have started work on their local area plans (LAPs).

LAPs provide more detailed planning policies for areas where significant development and change is anticipated. They set out objectives for the proper planning and sustainable development of a specific area. LAPs must also be consistent with their corresponding county development plans.  

Specifically, LAPs identify and analyse issues such as;

  • Population and housing targets,
  • Land-zoning and infrastructure,
  • Local transport,
  • Local road networks,
  • Flood risk management, and
  • Population growth.

As with county development plans, the OPR independently assesses all statutory forward planning with a view to ensuring that the plan provides for the proper planning and sustainable development of the area concerned.

We have recently published submissions on the:

Throughout the various stages of these and upcoming LAPs, the OPR will continue to work with local authorities to ensure that plans are consistent with government policy meaning that communities will continue to develop in ways that creates vibrant communities, protect the environment and supports sustainable growth.

You can see all our submissions at local authority plans at https://www.opr.ie/submissions-submitted-by-the-opr/