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OPR launches its new plan-making calculator focusing on local area plans

The Office of the Planning Regulator (OPR) has today, 6 December, launched its second plan-making calculator, which focuses on local area plans. This application allows users to quickly and easily calculate the different stages and timeframes with regard to the preparation of local area plans.

By simply inputting basic details of a local area plan, such as the key stage and the relevant date, in a matter of seconds users will be provided with a timeframe for the preparation of a local area plan.

There are four easy steps to use the calculator:

  • Choose the plan-making step.
  • Choose the date for when the selected step has or will take place.
  • Agree to OPR Terms and Conditions.
  • Click “Calculate your Timeline”.

Users can then share, print or download their local area plan-making timeline.

Planning Regulator, Niall Cussen said;

“Our ‘City/County Development Plans Calculator’ was launched back in 2021, and since then it has received positive feedback from both the general public and those working in planning across Ireland.

Building upon the positive reception to our first calculator, and as part of the OPR’s aim to increase the use of technology in the planning process, we are delighted to launch our local area plan calculator.

The new calculator should be of use to those interested in the review and preparation of local area plans. Therefore, this project reflects the OPR’s commitment to enhancing innovation in planning, fostering better understanding and encouraging increased public involvement in the planning process.” 

The timeframe and dates calculated are indicative only and based on maximum and minimum time lines in the Act. The local authority is entitled to augment certain internal dates. Therefore, we advise anyone using the OPR’s calculators to contact their local authority for precise timeframes.