OPR Launches Environmental Impact Assessment Screening Practice Note

The OPR launched its Environmental Impact Assessment Screening Practice Note today.

The launch took place at the OPR’s first training webinar for local authority and regional assembly staff.

This is the OPR’s second practice notice and it focuses on Environmental Impact Assessment Screening. Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) derives from EU environmental policy. The EIA Directive aims to ensure a high level of protection for environment and human health.

This Practice Note offers practical step-by-step guides and templates in relation to one of the most critical stages of the EIA process where court decisions have highlighted the importance of proper procedures. The Practice Note focuses specifically on the systems and procedures used by planning authorities in the delivery of planning services.

It also complements statutory guidelines and offers practical non-statutory procedures and templates in navigating what is a very complex regulatory and policy framework.

The need for an EIA Screening Practice Note was identified in the OPR’s Strategic Planning Research Programme, published in September 2020, following stakeholder engagement and consultation with the National Planning Knowledge Group.1 (NPKG)

  1. The National Planning Knowledge Group acts as an advisory board to the OPR in meeting its statutory mandate in relation to education, research and training. The group includes experts from third level institutes, planning authorities, planning representative associations and relevant state bodies