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AAAppropriate Assessment
AAIArchitectural Association of Ireland
AAIArea of Architectural Interest (England)
AADTAnnual Average Daily Traffic
AAWTAnnual Average Weekday Traffic
ABPAn Bord Pleanála
ACAArchitectural Conservation Area
ACMAsbestos Containing Material (England)
ACVAsset of Community Value (England)
AEPAnnual Exceedance Probability (relation to Flooding)
AFAArea for Further Assessment
AGLVArea of Great Landscape Value (England)
AHBApproved Housing Body
AIAArboricultural Impact Assessment (England)
AIEAccess to Information on the Environment
AILGAssociation of Irish Local Government
AIROAll-Ireland Research Observatory
ANOBArea of Outstanding Natural Beauty (England)
ANAHL'Agence Nationale de l’Habitat (National Housing Agency) (France)
APIApplication Programming Interface
AQAAir Quality Assessment (England)
AQMAAir Quality Assessment Area (England)
AR4Fourth Assessment Report of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change
ASSIArea of Scientific Special Interest (England)
BAPBiodiversity Action Plan
BATBest Available Technology
BENELUXBelgium, Netherlands & Luxemburg
BEPBest Environmental Practice
BERBuilding Energy Rating
BFF Biodiversity & Flora & Fauna
BHLS Bus with High Level of Service
BIMBord Iascaigh Mhara (Irish Sea Fisheries Board)
BMWBiodegradable Municipal Waste
BnMBord na Móna
BREEAMBuilding Research Establishment Environmental Assessment Methodology
BRTBus Rapid Transit
BSHFBuilding & Social Housing Foundation (Scotland)
BWDBathing Water Directive
C&DConstruction & Demolition
CAASConservation & Amenity Advice Service
CADComputer Aided Design
CAFEClean Air for Europe
CALCDAClimate Action & Low Carbon Development Acts (2015)
CAPClimate Action Plan (2019)
CAPCommon Agricultural Policy (European Union)
CAROClimate Action Regional Office
CARSConservation Area Regeneration Scheme (Scotland)
CASPCork Area Strategic Plan
CBCost Benefit
CBDConvention on Biological Diversity
CCECoordination Centre for Effects
CCFContinous Cover Forestry
CCMACounty and City Management Association
CCSClimate Change Strategy
CCSCarbon Capture Storage
CDMConstruction (Design & Management) Regulations 2015 (England)
CDMClean Development Mechanism
CDPCounty/City Development Plan
CECCommission of the European Communities
CEDaRCentre for Environmental Data & Recording
CERCommission for Energy Regulation
CEUCouncil of the European Union
CFPCommon Fisheries Policy
CFRAMCatchment Flood Risk Assessment & Management
CFRAMSCatchment Flood Risk Assessment & Management Study
CFRQCollaborative Forest Resources Questionnaire
CfSHCode for Sustainable Homes (England)
CGETCommissariat General for Territorial Equality (France)
CGPPCleaner Greener Production Programme
CHPCombined Heat & Power
CILCommunity Infrastructure Levy
CISCommon Implementation Strategy
CLEUDCertificate of Lawfulness of Proposed Use or Development
CNGCompressed Natural Gases
COFORDNational Council for Forest Research & Development
COMIFACCentral African Forest Commission
CORINECoordinated Information on the Environment
CPOCompulsory Purchase Order
CRUCommission for Regulation of Utilities
cSACCandidate Special Area of Conservation (designated by EU Habitats Directive)
CSChartered Surveyor
CSOCentral Statistics Office
D&BDesign & Build (Building Procurement)
DACDisability Access Certificate
DAFMDepartment of Agriculture, Food & the Marine
DAHGDepartment of Arts, Heritage & the Gaeltacht
DAHRRGADepartment of Arts, Heritage, Regional, Rural & Gaeltacht Affairs
DAUDevelopment Applications Unit
DCCAEDepartment of Communication, Climate Action & the Environment
DCENRDepartment of Communications, Energy & Natural Resources
DCMNRDepartment of Communications, Marine & Natural Resources
DCNDistricts Council Network (England)
DECLGDepartment of Environment, Community & Local Government
DEHLGDepartment of Environment, Heritage & Local Government
DGOMDepartment of Overseas France
DHPCLGDepartment of Housing, Planning, Community & Local Government
DHPLGDepartment of Housing, Planning & Local Government
DHUPDirection de l'Habitat, de l'Urbanisme et des Paysages (Directorate of Housing, Urbanism & Landscape) (France)
DIPDecision in Principle (Planning) (England)
DMURSDesign Manual for Urban Roads and Streets
DNNDDublin Networked Neighbourhood Database
DoCoMoMoDocumentation & Conservation of the Buildings, Sites & Neighbourhoods of the Modern Movement
DoHDepartment of Health
DoTDepartment of Taoiseach
DPDDevelopment Plan Document (England)
DPHDwellings Per Hectare (England)
DTTASDepartment of Transport, Tourism & Sport
EAG External Adivsory Group
EAPEnvironmental Action Programme
EBMEcosystem-Based Management
ECEuropean Commission
ECJEuropean Court of Justice
EDENEnvironmental Data Exchange Network
EEAEuropean Environment Agency
EECEuropean Economic Community
EEZExclusive Economic Zone
EFSOSEuropean Forest Sector Outlook Study
EfWEnergy for Water (England)
EHOEmpty Homes Officer (Scotland)
EIAEnvironmental Impact Assessment
EIAREnvironmental Impact Assessment Report
EISEnvironmental Impact Statement
ELDEnvironmental Liability Directive
ELVsEmission Limit Values
EMECEuropean Marine Energy Centre
EMRAEastern & Midland Regional Assembly
ENGOEnvironmental Non-Government Organisation
EOREnhanced Oil Recovery
EPAEnvironmental Protection Agency
EPBDEnergy Performance of Buildings Directive
EQSEnvironmental Quality Standard
EREnvironmental Report
ESBElectricity Supply Board
ESMEnvironmental Sensitivity Mapping
ESREffort Sharing Regulation
ESRIThe Economic and Social Research Institute
EsriEnvironmental Systems Research Institute
ETSEconomic Trading Scheme
EVElectric Vehicle
FAOFood & Agriculture Organisation of the United Nations (European Union)
FAOSTATFood & Agricutlure Orgnaisation Corporate Stastic Database
FDForeign Direct
FDIForeign Direct Investment
FDSPForest District Strategic Plan
FEPSForest Environment Protection Scheme
FGRMForest Genetic Reproductive Material
FIFurther Information (in the context of a Planning Application)
FMPForest ManagEment Plan
FNADTFonds National d'Aménagement et de Développement du Territoire (National Fund for Land Use Planning & Development) (France)
FPC Fee Per Case
FRAFlood Risk Assessment
FRIMSForest Research Information Management System
FPMFreshwater Pearl Mussel
FRMPFlood Risk Management Plan
FRRFlood Risk Review
FSCFire Safety Certificate
GBIFGlobal Biodiversity Information Facility
GDAGreater Dublin Area
GDSDSGreater Dublin Strategic Drainage Study
GEOGlobal Environment Outlook
GESGood Environmental Status
GHGGreenhouse Gas
GIAGross Internal Area (Area of building measured to the internal face of the perimeter wall) (England)
GISGeographic Information Systems
GNIGas Network Ireland
GPDOGeneral Permitted Development Order 2015 (England)
GPSGlobal Positioning Systems
GSIGeographic Survey of Ireland
GUIGraphical User Interface
GWPGlobal Warming Potential
HARPHistoric Area Rejuvenation Project
HBSHelp to Buy Scheme (England)
HCAHomes & Communities Agency (England)
HCIHeritage Council of Ireland
HEFSHigh End Future Scenario (relation to Flooding)
HHSRSHousing Health & Safety Rating System (England)
HLMOHigh-Level Marine Objectives
HNDAHousing Need Demand Assessment
HNVHigh Nature Value
HOOWHarnessing Our Oceans Wealth - An Integrated Marine Plan for Ireland
HOPSHeads of Planning Scotland
HPWHigh Priority Water Course
HRAHabitat Regulations Assessment (England)
HSAHealth & Safety Authority
HVACHigh Voltage Alternating Current
HVDCHigh Voltage Direct Current
HWRCHousehold Waste Recycling Centre (England)
IAEGInter-Agency Expert Group
IAEG-SDGsInter-Agency Expert Groups for Strategic Goal Indicators
IAFIrish Architecute Foundation
IAIAInternational Association for Impact Assessment
IARCIrish Architectural Archive
IBECIrish Business and Employers Confederation
IBIAIntegrated Biodiversity Impact Assessment
ICOMOSInternational Council on Monuments & Sites (England)
ICTInformation and Communications Technology
ICESInternational Council for the Exploration of the Seas
ICZMIntegrated Coastal Zone Management
IDAIndustrial Development Authority
IDPInfrastructure Development Plan (England)
IEEEInstitute Of Electrical & Electronic Engineers
IEI Institution of Engineers of Ireland
IFLAInternational Federation of Landscape Architects
IFNCInternational Forum on Natural Capital
IFORISIntergrated Forestry Information Systems
IFSIndicative Forestry Strategies
IGSIrish Georgian Society
IHBCInstitute of Historic Building Conservation (England)
ILIIrish Landscape Institute
IMOInternational Maritime Organisation
IMPIntegrated Maritime Policy
INDCIntended Nationally Determined Contribution
INFFIrish National Flood Forum
INSPIREInfrastructure for Spatial Information in the European Community
INTBAUInternational Network for Traditional Building, Architecture & Urbanism
IOSEAIrish Offshore Strategic Environmental Assessment
IPIIrish Planning Institute
IRBDInternational River Basin District
IRLOGIIrish Organisation for Geographic Information
IPPCIntergovernmental Panel on Climate Change
IROPIImperative Reasons of Overriding Public Interest
IPPCIntegrated Pollution Prevention & Control
ISusIrish Sustainable Development Model
ITDPInstitute for Transportation & Development Policy (United States of America)
ITTOInternational Tropic Timber Organisation
JIJoint Implementation
JRJudicial Review
JRCDirectorate General Joint Research Centre, European Commission
JMWMSJoint Municipal Waste Management Strategy (England)
KTGKnowledge Transfer Group
KWETBKildare and Wicklow Education & Training Board
KwhKiloWatt Hour
LALocal Authority
LAPLocal Area Plan
LASNTGLocal Authority Services National Training Group
LBAPLocal Biodiversity Action Plan
LCALandscape Character Assessment
LDALand Development Agency
LEALocal Economic Assessment (England)
LECPLocal Economic & Community Plan
LEOLocal Enterprise Office
LGMALocal Government Management Agency
LiDARLight Detection & Ranging
LIHAFLocal Infrastructure and Housing Activation Fund
LLDLocal Landscape Designation (England)
LNRLocal Nature Reserve (England)
LOSLevel of Service
LRTLight Rail Transit
LSOASLower Super Output Areas (England)
LTACCLocal Traveller Accommodation Consultative Committee
LUCFLand-Use Change & Forestry
LULUCFLand Use, Land-Use Change and Forestry
LUTSLand Use and Transportation Study
MASPMetropolitan Area Strategic Plan
MCAMulti-Criteria Analysis
MCGInter-Departmental Marine Coordination Group
MCZMarine Conservation Zone (England)
MEANSMeans for Evaluating Actions of a Structural Nature
MEESMinimum Energy Efficiency Standards (England)
MHCLGMinistry for Housing, Communities and Local Government (England)
MMUMinimum Mapping Unit
MODIS Moderate Resolution Imaging Spectroradiometers
MOLAND Monitoring Land Use/ Cover Dynamics
MPAMarine Protected Area
MPDMMarine Planning & Development Management Bill
MPWMedium Priority Watercourse
MRFAMid-Range Future Scenario (relation to Flooding)
MSFDMarine Strategy Framework Directive
MSPMunicipal Solid Waste (England)
MSYMaximum Sustainable Yield
MTRMid-Term Review
MXDMap Exchange Document
NACEStatistical Classification of Economic Activities in the European Community
NAMANational Asset Management Agency
NAPNational Allocation Plan
NAQSNational Air Quality Strategy (England)
NBANational Building Agency
NBAPNational Biodiversity Action Plan (2017-2021)
NBDCNational Biodiversity Data Centres
NBPNational Biodiversity Plan
NCANatural Capital Accounting
NCCAFNational Climate Change Adaptation Framework
NCCSNational Climate Change Strategy
NCPNational Oil Spill Contingency Plan
NDPNational Development Plan (2007-2013)
NDCANational Dialogue on Climate Action
NECNational Emission Ceilings Directive
NEPANational Environmental Policy Act (United States of America)
NESCNational Economic and Social Council of Ireland
NFINational Forestry Inventory
NFMANational Forest Management Plan (United States of America)
NGONon-Governmental Organisation
NHANational Heritage Area
NHBCNational House Building Council Scheme (England)
NIANoise Impact Assessment (England)
NIAHNational Inventory of Architectural Heritage
NIENew Institutional Economics
NIEANorthern Ireland Environment Agency
NIRNatura Impact Report
NISNatura Impact Statement
NLSNational Landscape Strategy (2015-2025)
NLUDNational Land Use Database (England)
NOACNational Oversight & Audit Commission
NMPNational Mitigation Plan
NMPFNational Marine Planning Framework
NPFNational Planning Framework
NPNRU Programme National de Renouvellement Urbain (National Urban Renewal Programme) (France)
NPPFNational Planning Policy Framework (England)
NPPGNational Planning Policy Guidance (England)
NSADNational Strategy for Angling Development
NSAINational Standards Authority of Ireland
NPWSNational Parks and Wildlife Service
NRANational Roads Authority (now TII)
NSDBNational Soil Database
NSSNational Spatial Strategy
NTANational Transport Authority
NWFPNon Wood Forest Product
NWPPNational Waste Prevention Programme
NWRANorthern & Western Regional Assembly
NWSNative Woodland Establishment Scheme
NWSMPNational Water Safety Management Programme (England)
NZEBNearly Zero Energy Building
OCACOireachtas Climate Action Committee
OECDOrganisation for Economic Co-Operation and Development
OFACObservatory of Central African Forests
OGPOffice of Government Procurement
OMBOffice of the Ombudsman
OMPPOverarching Marine Planning Policy
ONSOffice of National Statics (England)
OPAHOpération Programmée d'Amélioration de l'Habitat (Scheduled Housing Improvement Operation) (France)
OPPOutline Planning Permission
OPROffice of the Planning Regulator
OPWOffice of Public Works
OREDPOffshore Renewable Energy Development Plan
OTGOn the Ground
OSiOrdnance Survey Ireland
OSPAROslo & Paris Convention for the Protection of the Marine Environment of the North-East Atlantic
OSOrdnance Survey
PAPlanning Authority
PAPrior Approval (Planning) (England)
PCDPublic Consultation Day
PCPAPlanning & Compulsory Purchase Act 2004 (England)
PDAPlanning & Development Act (as amended)
PDPermitted Development (England)
PDLPreviously Developed Land (England)
PFRAPreliminary Flood Risk Assessment
PHHPopulation & Human Health
PI 2040Project Ireland 2040
PIEPlan Implementation Evaluation
PINSPlanning Inspectorate (England)
PIPPermission in Principle (Planning) (England)
pNHAProposed Natural Heritage Area
PNRQADProgramme National de Requalification des Quartiers Anciens (National Programme for Requalification of Old Neighbourhoods) (France)
POMSProgramme of Measures
POPPersistent Organic Pollutant
POSWPlanning Officers Society Wales
PPPlanning Permission
PPGPlanning Policy Guidance (England)
PPIPPolicy-Plan/Programme-Implementation Process
PPPPlans, Policies & Programme (England)
PRPsPollution Reduction Programmes
pSPAProposed Special Protection Area (designate under EU Birds Directive)
PUAPrincipal Urban Area (England)
QBCQuality Bus Corridor
QSQuantity Surveyor
RARegional Authority/ Assembly
RBDRiver Basin District
RBMPRiver Basin Management Plan
RDPRural Development Plan
REDZRural Economic Development Zone
REIT Real Estate Investment Trust
RES Renewable Energy Scheme
RES-E Renewable Energy Scheme - Electricity
RES-H Renewable Energy Scheme - Heat
RESS Renewable Electricity Support Scheme
RFRARegional Flood Risk Appraisal
RHIRenewable Heat Incentive Scheme
RHIFRural Housing & Island Fund (Scotland)
RIAIRoyal Institute of Architects Ireland
RIBARoyal Institute of British Architects (England)
RICSRoyal Institute of Chartered Surveyors (England)
RMPRecord of Monuments and Places
ROHSRestriction of Hazardous Substances
RPARegistered of Protected Areas (under WFD)
RPA Root Protection Area (for trees/hedges) (England)
RPGsRegional Planning Guidelines
RPSRecord of Protected Structures
RRDFRural Regeneration and Development Fund
RSESsRegional Spatial and Economic Strategies
RTBResidential Tenancies Board
RTPIRoyal Town Planning Institute
SAStatutory Authority (Environmental Authorities for the purposes of SEA)
SASustainability Appraisal (England)
SACSpecial Areas of Conservation (selected and designated under the EU Habitats Directive)
SAMScheduled Movement (England)
SANGSuitable Alternative Natural Green Space (England)
SCSISociety of Chartered Surveyors Ireland
SDGSustainable Development Goals
SDZStrategic Development Zone
SEAStrategic Environmental Assessment
SEA ERStrategic Environmental Assessment Environmental Report
SEAISustainable Energy Authority Ireland
SECMStrategic Environmental Constraints Mapping
SECsSustainable Energy Communities
SEHPScottish Empty Homes Partnership
SEZSustainable Energy Zone
SFMSustainable Forest Management
SFRAStrategic Flood Risk Assessment
SHDStrategic Housing Development
SHLAAStrategic Housing Land Availability Assessment (England)
SIStatutory Instrument
SIDStrategic Infrastructure Development
SLASpecial Landscape Areas (England)
SMESmall & Medium Sized Enterprise
SMPSectoral Marine Plan
SNCISites of Nature Conservation Interest (England)
SNITLe Shéma National d'Infrastructures de Transport (National Transport Infrastructure Strategy) (France)
SNWIStrategy for Native Woodlands in Ireland (2016-2020)
SOSustainability Objectives
SOASSuper Output Areas
SOPStatutory Objection Period
SPSenior Planner
SPASpecial Protection Area (designated under EU Birds Directive)
SPCStrategic Policy Committee
SPDSupplementary Planning Document (England)
SPGSupplementary Planning Guidance (England)
SPPRSpecific Planning Policy Requirement
SRASouthern Regional Assembly
SROSenior Reasonable Officer
SSSIsSites of Special Scientific Interest (England)
STPScotland’s Town Partnership
SuDSSustainable Drainage Systems
SUPSingle Use Plasticss
TAPTraveller Accommodation Programmes
TCEHPTown Centre Empty Homes Project (Scotland)
TCPATown & Country Planning Association (England)
TCQSMTransit Capacity & Quality of Service Manual (United States of America)
TCRPTransit Cooperative Research Programme (United States of America)
THEAThe Technological Higher Education Association
TII Transport Infrastructure Ireland
TODTransport-Orientated Development
TPOTree Preservation Order
TRBTransportation Research Board (United States of America)
TSSTree Shelter Scheme
TWhTerraWatt Hour
UFWUnaccounted for Water
UNCLOSUnited Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea
UNECGUnited Nations Economic Commission for Europe
UNESCOUnited Nations Educational, Scientific & Cultural Organisation
UNFCCCUnited Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change
UNSPFUnited Nations Strategic Plan for Forests (2017-2030)
UoMUnit of Management
UPHUnits per Hectare
URDFUrban Regeneration and Development Fund
UWWTUrban Waste Water Treatment
UWWTDUrban Waste Water Treatment Directive
VFMValue for Money
VSMVisual Sensitivity Mapping
WAWWild Atlantic Way
WEWelfare Economics
WEEEWaste Electrical & Electronic Equipment
WEDGWind Energy Development Guidelines
WFDWater Framework Directive
WIPWork in Progress
WISWoodland Improvement Scheme
WMAWaste Management Act (1996)
WPPWaste Plan Process
WPSWestern Package Scheme
WSSPWater Services Strategic Plan
WSZWater Supply Zone
WTWind Turbine
WTEWind Turbine Engineering


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