Office of the Planning Regulator and Irish Planning Institute Launch Planning Week

The Planning Regulator, Niall Cussen and the President of the Irish Planning Institute, Dr Conor Norton have officially launched this year’s Planning Week.

Planning Week 2020 takes place from the 8th to 14th November 2020 and coincides with World Town Planning Day on 8th November. Through events, activities and research, Planning Week aims to bring attention to the aims and objectives of good planning.

Planning Regulator, Niall Cussen said:
“Planning Week is an opportunity to celebrate how good planning improves the lives of people and benefits society at large, creating places where people live, work and play together. It is also a chance to bring together planning professionals and the wider community to consider how planning positively shapes our environment, community and society.

By highlighting the contribution that good planning has made to the quality of people’s lives, we can emphasise to citizens, planners and policy-makers the value of planning and the benefit of participating in positively shaping communities.”

World Town Planning Day was initiated in 1949 by Professor Carlos Maria della Paolera of the University of Buenos Aires to advance public and professional interest in planning, both locally and internationally.

Caption: Niall Cussen, Planning Regulator and Dr Conor Norton, President, Irish Planning Institute launch Planning Week 2020.