Feasacht Phoiblí

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One of the OPR’s primary functions, as provided for in the Planning and Development (Amendment) Act 2018 (the Act), is to conduct planning research, education and training. To this end the OPR has developed a series of online resources including ‘An Introduction to Planning’ page which provides easy access to a wide variety of material that has been produced by the OPR including infographics, animated explainer videos, planning leaflets, FAQs, etc., and a planning library which brings together a broad range of planning policy guidelines and research in one central, accessible location. A glossary and acronym list are also available to use as technical aids when navigating the planning library.

Bunoiliúint sa Phleanáil
An Leabharlann Pleanála
Technical Glossary
Liosta d’Acrainmneacha